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    I wanna be hot enough to make people question their sexual orientation

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The beautiful stallion Sezuan (Blue Hors Zack)

Devon 2014.
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    When you walk into a room full of people you don’t know


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    only punks can see this reblog if youre a punk

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Paris, France
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    *forgets what im talking about halfway through a sentence*

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  • Falling in love with yourself first doesn’t make you vain or selfish, it makes you indestructible. Things I’ll teach my children (via infl4ted)

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    just noticed the webcam flashing above my monitor and realised I’ve been recording myself blogging in this position for an hour and twenty minutes


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    If you’re gonna keep being cute then you’ll have to kiss me, I’m sorry I don’t make the rules

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Lupins and phlox flowers
    I understand. That’s the trouble. I understand. I’ll understand all the time. All day and all night. Especially all night. I’ll understand. You don’t have to worry about that. Ernest Hemingway, Winner Take Nothing (via likeafieldmouse)

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